Advanced BDE Course (Available Virtually)

This is a Ministry Approved Certificate Program. There are three components to this program:

1) 20 Hours In-Class (Virtual with Live teacher OR Digital asynchronous learning at your own pace)

2) 10 Hours Homelink 

3) 10 Hour In-Car (FAST TRACK & G Level)

Upon successful completion of this program students will be certified online with MTO. 

The certification will allow you to go for the G1 exit road test in eight months instead of twelve months and you may be eligible to receive a discount on auto insurance. 


1. 20 hours In-class.

2. 10 Hours HomeLink.

3. 10 hours in-car-training (Fast Track & G Level)

4. Each in car session is 60 minutes.

5. One-on-one in-car training.

6. Certified online through MTO for Road Test & Insurance deduction.

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