About Us

Our curriculum was developed to promote an interesting and interactive approach to driver education for Beginner Drivers in Ontario. This learner-centered approach requires new drivers:

  • to share and reflect on personal experiences
  • to participate in many presentation strategies
  • to demonstrate their learning through a variety of assessment tools

The curriculum uses the power point presentation strategy to ensure students become engaged and feel ownership for their learning. It follows a logical sequence of driver education knowledge presently available, but it can be easily re-organized and updated based on the needs of the students, technological advances, and changing Ministry requirements. It is written from an Ontario driving culture perspective using various driving environment pictures and ever-changing situations. The Strategic Driving procedure (IPDE) is used in developing the skills for safe, responsible, and cooperative driving. The reinforces these 4 themes:

  1. Safety & Risk
  2. The benefits of social responsibility
  3. The benefits of environmental responsibility
  4. Self-Awareness of personal values, attitudes and motives for driving the way we do

  By the end of the course, each student will have participated in numerous activities that were carefully designed to initiate the Attitude, Skills, and Knowledge needed to improve the driving competency and confidence of beginner drivers. Furthermore, the course will have introduced students to the concept of cooperative driving which enhances road safety for all 9.2 million drivers and other road-users in Ontario.   Assessment: Students will participate in a variety of cumulative and summative tasks to enable them to achieve an average grade of 70% on the combined in-class and in-car activities (I.e. Workbook activities (‘HomLinks’), classroom participation, quizzes, final tests, and in-car skill test)