Advanced Beginner Driver Education Course – with Road Test (Available Virtually)

If you need the entire driving school package, then this course is for you. This is a Ministry Approved Certificate Program with more items than included in the regular BDE course. Focused on getting you from the G1 test to the G2 road test swiftly, this course includes freeway-driving experience and a G2 road test booking. 



1. 20 Hours of in-class education.

2. 10 hours of in-car experience.

3.  G1 and G2 road test booking with 1-hour lesson prior to the road test. Allows use of Road Aware Driving School vehicle.

4. One-on-one in-car training in 1-hour sessions.

5. Freeway-specific driving instructions.

6. Free: at home, work, or school pickup for lessons or the road test.

7. Certification with the MTO that shortens wait times to take road tests; possible  eligibility for lower auto-insurance rates.


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