Beginner Driver Education Course – without the Road Test (Available Virtually)

A Ministry Approved Certificate Program that is curated to develop your driving experience from the ground up and get you through the G1 written exam.


This course focuses on these components:

1. 10 hours of in-class education.

2. 10 hours of in-car experience.


Completion of this program awards students will be certified online with the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario (MTO). This certification will shorten the wait time after completing your G1 exam to take the G1 road test to eight months instead of twelve. With the certificate you may also be eligible for auto-insurance discounts.


  1. One-on-one in-car training.
  2. Road experience in 1-hour training sessions.
  3. Comprehensive at-home study guide and workbook
  4. Free: at home, work, or school pickup for lessons

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